Structure Armor

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Certain facility objects are destroyable, draining NTU to repair. The following is a list of the armor values of non-vehicle objects and their repair time if they are a repairable base object.

ObjectArmorNTU Repair Time (h:m)
Advanced Medical Terminal 7500:19
Aegis (non-upgraded)
Aegis (Shield Upgrade)
BFR Terminal 5000:13
Cerberus Turret 100-
Certification Terminal 5000:13
Equipment Terminal 5000:13
Implant Terminal10000:25
Medical Terminal 5000:13
Motion Sensor 100-
Respawn Tube10000:25
Sensor Disruptor 100-
Shadow Turret 100-
Spitfire Turret 100-
Vehicle Terminal 5000:13
Wall Turret35001:28