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Command ranks are gained by accruing Command Experience Points as a squad leader.

The breakdown by Command Rank is as follows:

Command Rank 0(CR0)

  • All characters start at this command level. No special abilities are available.

Command Rank 1(CR1)

  • The ability to place four (4) Waypoints on the overhead map is awarded. The Waypoints are visible to all members of the Squad/Platoon that the CR1 (or above) is leading.
  • The command /sitrep becomes available, which reports to the Command Rank above you (eg. CR1's sitrep to CR2's). The text received by the next highest CR is prefixed by [Situation Report].
  • Left shinguard (or spat for the Vanu Sovereignty) is added to the character's uniform.

Command Rank 2(CR2)

  • Characters at CR2 are given access to use the Command Uplink Device (CUD), which enables the use of higher level command functions. At CR2, the 'Reveal Friendlies' option, which allows the user to see the position of all Friendly Forces on his current Continent for a short duration on his Continental Map
  • CR2's have access to Command Chat, a separate chat channel that will allow them to speak with other CR2's that are in a SOI Range of them. Sent via the /c command.
  • The Uniform upgrade for a CR2 is the right shinguard (or spat for the Vanu Sovereignty).

Command Rank 3(CR3)

Command Rank 4 (CR4)

  • CR4's are given access to the Orbital Strike (10 meter radius), accessed through the CUD. Deployed from space stations orbiting the individual planets (known as Orbital Stations), the Orbital Strike is a devastating attack that can turn the tide of a battle.
  • The 'Reveal Enemies' option becomes available through the CUD. Showing all Enemies in its radius as red dots on your overhead map.
  • The radius on the EMP is increased to 15 meter.
  • Command Chat will now speak to all CR4's on the continent.
  • The second wristguard is added to the right side of the character's uniform.

Command Rank 5 (CR5)

  • CR5's have the ability to perform 'Global' Broadcasts to every player on every planet on the server. Additionally they can 'Global' to individual continents, including the Sanctuaries.
  • CR5 Command Chat is 'Global', meaning that CR5's can communicate with all CR5's regardless of location.
  • The radius of the Orbital Strike is increased to 20 meters, the damage is also increased.
  • The radius of the EMP is increased to 20 meters and the 'Reveal Enemies' Command is also increased.
  • Ability to set the squad experience waypoint to two different squad members at the same time if the squad is large enough.
  • A Communications Pack is added to the uniform of the character. Commonly referred to as 'The Backpack'.