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Disambiguation Pages

A disambiguation page is one that links different topics of the same name together so that the viewer of the page can select which use of the term the user wishes to view. These pages serve the purpose of conforming with the purpose of a wiki to keep links simple and easy to navigate. However, when multiple subjects share a common name, such as Map, a user can become confused by this mixture of unrelated topics.

Disambiguous Links

Disambiguous links are links that point to disambguation pages. These links were originally intended to point to an article of one meaning or another, but due to the creation of a disambuation page, these links are no longer valid redirections to their intended destination. These links should be modified so that the destination article is restored as the result of clicking the link.


To keep track of disambiguation pages, the {{disambig}} tag is added at the bottom of the page to inform users about the disambiguity.

To keep track of and eliminate disamgibuous links, click the "What links here" link in the toolbox. The links to the disambiguation page should be changed as described above.

Disambiguation Repair

This section contains a partial list of disambiguous links. You con contribute to the effort by correcting the links in which the disambiguation is linked to.

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