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When enough experience is accumulated, the character will increase in Battle Rank (BR).

One certification point is awarded for each Battle Rank increase, except at BR6, 12, 18, 24, 25, 28, 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, and 40. At BR40, the character automatically learns every certification available. These certifications allow the character to utilize additional vehicles, weapons and armor classes.

Newly created characters begin at battle rank 1 and can reach Battle Rank 40.

Benefits of reaching higher Battle Rank include Uniform Upgrades and character Implants.

  • BR6 - First Implant
  • BR12 - Second Implant
  • BR18 - Third Implant
Uniform upgrades are entirely cosmetic and have no effect on gameplay, but can provide an at-a-glance indication of how experienced a soldier is. The upgrades apply to all the infantry armor types including MAX Suits, but not to vehicles.

These changes happen at BR7, BR14 and BR25.

  • Terran Republic: The uniform starts out mostly grey, it get's a little more red, and a bit darker grey at BR7, it becomes almost completely red at BR14 and almost completely black at BR25.
  • New Conglomerate: The uniform starts out mostly blue, it acquires more gold 'trim' at BR7, it gets completely gold at BR14 and almost completely black/dark blue at BR25.
  • Vanu Sovereignty: The uniform starts out mostly purple, it gets a little more teal at BR7, even more teal at BR14 and gets mostly black at BR25.

View the respective armor page for pictures of the armors at each of the Uniform Upgrades!

The current numeric experience values for the various Battle Ranks are:

Battle RankStarting ExperienceEnding ExperienceBEP per BlockAward
BR 109991007 Certification Points
BR 21,0002,9992001 Certification Point
BR 33,0007,4994501 Certification Point
BR 47,50014,9997501 Certification Point
BR 515,00029,9991,5001 Certification Point
BR 630,00044,9991,5001 Implant Slot
BR 745,00067,4992,2501 Certification Point & Uniform Upgrade
BR 867,500101,2493,3751 Certification Point
BR 9101,250126,5622,5311 Certification Point
BR 10126,563158,2023,1641 Certification Point
BR 11158,203197,7533,9551 Certification Point
BR 12197,754247,1914,9441 Implant Slot
BR 13247,192308,9896,1801 Certification Point
BR 14308,990386,2387,7251 Certification Point & Uniform Upgrade
BR 15386,239482,7979,6561 Certification Point
BR 16482,798603,49612,0701 Certification Point
BR 17603,497754,37015,0871 Certification Point
BR 18754,371942,96318,8591 Implant Slot
BR 19942,9641,178,70423,5741 Certification Point
BR 201,178,7051,438,01925,9321 Certification Point
BR 211,438,0201,710,30027,2281 Certification Point
BR 221,710,3011,988,02727,7731 Certification Point
BR 231,988,0272,286,23029,8201 Certification Point
BR 242,286,2312,583,44029,721Ability to toggle helmet, shades, earpiece and hat/beret
BR 252,583,441  2,908,44132,500Uniform Upgrade
BR 262,908,442  3,237,94132,9501 Certification Point
BR 273,237,942  3,618,44138,0501 Certification Point
BR 283,618,442  3,988,84137,040None
BR 293,988,842  4,479,54149,0701 Certification Point
BR 304,479,542  5,027,34154,780None
BR 315,027,342  5,789,64176,2301 Certification Point
BR 325,789,642  6,861,341107,170None
BR 336,861,342  8,229,241136,7901 Certification Point
BR 348,229,242  10,000,541177,130None
BR 3510,000,542  11,501,741150,1201 Certification Point
BR 3611,501,741  12,982,641148,090None
BR 3712,982,642  14,897,141191,4501 Certification Point
BR 3814,897,142  16,894,541199,740None
BR 3916,894,542  19,994,541310,0001 Certification Point
BR 4019,994,542  N/AN/AAccess to all certifications

Values for BR 26-40 are approximate