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Welcome to the PSForever wiki!

The PSForever wiki is a project which aims to collect relevant,data about PlanetSide to create a wiki for use by new, returning, and current PlanetSide players .

Wiki editing is currently disabled until a solution for logins can be made with the new vBulletin forums. You will not be able to edit unless approved by Chord to prevent defacement / spam. If you want access, send a private message to Chord and state your purposed changes. You will need to have posted at least 5 times on the forums before you can send a private message.

If you are interested in working on the wiki, read this.


PSF News

[June 20th, 2016:] PSForever Launcher Released

[July 14th, 2016:] Project Update #12 - All Capture Stats

[July 14th, 2016:] PSForever First Login to World

[August 1st, 2016:] Connect to the PSForever Public Test Server!

Game News

[April 17th, 2016:] PlanetSide's 13th Anniversary is on May 20th, 2016. Celebrate with us in-game!

[June 14th, 2016:] PlanetSide 1 Finale Weekend June 24-25th

PlanetSide Internals

Game Data (mirrored from PlanetSide Syndicate)

Complete List of Wiki Content