With love from "The Confed"

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With love from "The Confed"

Postby 2revOemaG » Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:45 pm

Roughly 12 years ago I founded "The Confed" on TR with Minion989 on Emerald. I see many names I recognize as people we've grown to love/hate. Honestly after all those years of butting heads with some of you or fighting along side others. I can't express how much all of you and this project means to us. I really wish I would have known of it sooner. PlanetSide has been dead to us for years now, the rampant hackers and lack population really killed us off. The actual shutdown of the game was a rude awakening for me at least. I didn't get to see her go.

This is a very ambitious undertaking by any means. I feel as if I understand the weight of what you feel and wonder what we could do to really help. I personally think it's far too much for one person to do, but don't be discouraged by my words. Truely I'm humbled by your foresight and the progress already made! I fully support anything that might come of your work, or should I say our work. We may only have a handful of accounts on the forum, but I doubt you'd find a more tenacious group of people from any other game. I would know, I've fought those stalemates right there with/against you.

I've picked up coding a few times and made it to the point of actually making windows based programs in C# and C++. Both of which I enjoyed, and would love a career in. Though Running my own computer shop will have to do. As for Scala, I can't say I know anything of it, but I'm sure I'd love learning that too. I've never reverse engineered a program, but I've never had to try before. Time is something I have quite a bit of, at least right now. I hate to jump into the pool after just showing up, but please if we're going to do this. "Put me in coach!"

I've said a lot of interesting things about myself, but I suppose we'll end it with what my crazy name that a 14 year old me came up with.
2revOemaG = GameOver2
You can just call me Rev, at least until Rev-VS shows up.
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Re: With love from "The Confed"

Postby p0intman » Sat Jul 16, 2016 6:55 pm

Nice to see you here. Welcome. I know very well who you are.

check out discord and feel free to contribute if you feel up to it.
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