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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

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Here Be Dragons.
This post is enormous, immense, huge... gargantuan.
I realize I could be wrong about pretty much every single thing here, so no need to call me out on anything unless you really want to, or better yet, have something to talk about and brainstorm.

Apologies if this is considered misuse of the thread and should be in the discussion thread, but things intertwine and need to be said at least in the same post...

Some things, I believe, can be integrated into vanilla+1 (our first "patched" version?) without much effort (heck, some require only a change of some numbers) while others are long term suggestions or even just there for brainstorming.
With that in mind, don`t panic about me suggesting some things as my absolute opinion that "THIS SHOULD BE IN THE GAME!!!!". No. I bring some ideas only because they seem very interesting and I would like to talk about them.
I hope conversations can be kept to low heat with this disclaimer.

I spread some connectors in the shape of a note (*) along with a mention of a [tag]. Ctrl+F that tag to find the other part quickly.

And so, without further ado:

    Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc.:
    Naeadil wrote:Galactic Lattice with current Home Continent setup and Old Oshur. Home continents should be rotated every couple months to keep the game fresh.

    From my experience, players usually solved this problem on their own. CR5`s would call people to another front, and slowly but surely everyone would trickle there.
    If what you`re worried about is having the same two-three fronts on routine, then you need some sort of balance breaker (empire pop used to do this, I think).

    Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):
      Don`t really care... The Radiator was annoying, but never bothered me too much except when spammed HARD.

      The other weapons made so little difference that I barely remember them used here and there (even the Maelstrom`s secondary wasn`t used too often, if memory serves).

    Beginner Loadout:
      Naeadil wrote:- The “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favourite loadout has been altered to replace the three stacks of Plasma Grenades in the Inventory with two stacks of Fragmentation Grenades and one stack of Jammer Grenades.
      Reasoning: Makes the loadout more diverse and useful for beginners.

      I think we should stick to the plasma grenades, at least (throw in a jammer, that`s fine).
      I believe they were meant as a built in mechanism to help beginners deal with cloakers...

    Spawn Equipment:
      Naeadil wrote:- Players now spawn in Agile Exosuit with either the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), or Pulsar (VS) and appropriate ammo depending on the Empire of the character. Their inventory and weapons are configured the same as the updated “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favorite loadout.
      Reasoning: Agile Exosuit originally cost Certification Points in the PlanetSide beta. It was intended as an upgrade to Standard Exosuit. When it was made free, I feel it was an oversight to keep Standard Exosuit in the game. Additionally, this is a quality of life change for beginners, allowing them to spawn with decent armor, weapon, and loadout. It is a slight nerf to spawn camping, a tactic many aren't too fond of anyway. I strongly feel the positives outweigh the negatives by far.

      Making people spawn with chosen gear will not only affect spawncamping, it will affect how base capture works.
      As things were, if the base was hacked, you could not just pick up your equipment.
      Before people had too many CPs on hand, you had to pray for a friendly hacker to do his thing or you had to use your locker.

      You essentially make the equipment terminals in the spawn room half-useless (resupplying and switching equipment will still be there, but the most important part is gone).

      The idea can still work if you create a default loadout for hacked base status.
      You can even allow it to be customized, given that only very basic equipment is used.

    [Infantry Mechanics]
      Naeadil wrote:Equipment Terminals
      - Choosing a favorite loadout of the same non-MAX armor type you are currently wearing at an Equipment Terminal now fully repairs your armor.
      Reasoning: Makes it easier for new players and require less key presses overall to repair your armor at an Equipment Terminal.

        Yes, please.
        I was always rather annoyed by this.
        All it takes is switching your armour, and while this does leave you vulnerable for about a second, I think the game is better off without this tedious changing of armor for self-repair.

      Run & Gun should be mitigated somewhat.
        Movement speed and/or accuracy seem to be good ways to combat ADADAD combat style.
        I believe PlanetSide`s "Skill over Stats" philosophy should be aimed at strategic and tactical thinking, not 1337 keyboard skillz.

        Only PJs/Infil can drive most vehicles.
        Aexo & Rexo can drive open vehicles such as buggies, Harry, & ATV.
        Aexo can occupy gunner slots in heavier vehicles.
        Rexo can not occupy gunner slots in heavier vehicles.
        Allow Rexo to gun transport vehicles? (probably yes?)

        We might see more people getting transport certs like this... encourages teamplay and moving as a group rather than zerg.
        Also, if you are more limited in driving overall, you might save up certs on some vehicles and leave it to your vehicles guy. Allowing you to spend more on things you should be spending on. Less temptation to spread your certs thin and become a JoaT.

      Equipment Rotation Hotkey:
        How about a hotkey for rotating equipment with other equipment that fits the slot from the inventory (Pistol-BANK-REK, for example)?

    [Weapon Mechanics]
        Replace with:
        -AA laser.
        This way the style is still different, but a lot more practical than somehow keeping track of aircraft that can fly above you when you spin at the rate of a rusty turret...

        -Heavy DOT with insta reaching bullets (and no lock - just aim and shoot).
        Keep DPS but make it happen through high damage burning shots which fire more slowly (a lot more slowly?).
        This suggestion might seem flawed, as it makes the StarFire not require much skill to use.
        I`d just like to point at the burster, then...

      JackHammer Secondary:
        I`ve seen claims that the JH`s secondary is useless:
        Jackhammer secondary already has a purpose. It`s a fight-end gamble. You fire one-two shots and if you`re not confident you`re going to win - you try to blast the enemy and finish him off in a hit-or-miss one-shot.

      Heavy Assault Role:
        Heavy assault might benefit from becoming more specialized.
        As in, make the weapons actually heavy and add power. Where "heavy" means: slow movement speed even when just holstered (or even in inventory?).
        Let them take the role of area denial or slow closing-in rather than just being slightly heavier rifles.
        MA and the like could act as charging weapons, and heavy assault would complement them by holding their ground better.
        Think of them as heavy machineguns for this purpose...

        Possibly the best way to balance the Lasher - if deemed necessary - is to remove its CoF or just make it smaller but keep the bullet velocity. It just isn`t very practical to have to both lead your target AND hope your shot will go where you want it to.

    Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):
        BFRs can work.
          They should be third tier tanks for the dedicated tank-guy. That`s it. Very heavy cert investment.

          Flight variants are just weird. Tanks should not be able to fly (tell that to Reavers...). I`m open to hearing some more on those, but I think they`re ridiculous;
          They might be fragile, but they`re too agile. They can escape with their lives from pretty much anything but aircraft. ...And Skyguards. Skyguards are monsters.

          Also, PS bases were obviously not built to accommodate them (low catwalks).

        The Flail... Well:

          Area denial should be a valid tactic, but it usually ended up bogging down fights.

          Making a laze pointer necessary for the Flail might just fix its specific issue and actually make things awesome... (see the vid)

          Otherwise, it`s just a fun-killer. People bombard vehicle bay constantly without any chance for retaliation.
          Having a spotter on site to kill, though... "Cloaked enemy detected!"

    [Regular Vehicles]

      I hear that the Reaver is knowingly broken, so naturally a fix is in order.

        I believe the real issue is the mortars, really. They don`t require precise aim and fire fast enough to allow for fast corrections and jamming of passages.
        If not removed entirely, the mortars should gain more power (lib bomb-ish?) and become a lot slower.
        This way, they won`t be an unavoidable spam of splash damage.
        Slow fire also means it can`t just rely on the mortars to silence all opposition and take the initial damage before everything is dead on the ground (even if powerful, it`ll take a lot of time to kill many targets).

        ...Most people seem to be against them.
        I`m not very skilled as a dogfight pilot, and even I managed to kill quite a few people using this thing.
        Not only does it not require much skill to use, it also gives another fast light disposable parachute for grunts.

        However... It is a dedicated AA craft. It does pretty much nil to anything else, and has paper armor.

        It`s the only AA tool that is actually capable of giving chase to a fleeing aircraft and finishing it off once it manages to hide behind something or flying too far away.
        Mosquito`s & Reavers can do that too, to some extent, but they will require more skill and might end up in a dogfight and actually lose.
        I`m guessing that skilled dogfighters actually want this chance to kill off their pursuers, but that chance exists even with a Wasp, it`s just smaller. -As fair when facing an opponent with equipment specialized to work against yours.

        I just hope people don`t vote it out just because it`s good against their playstyle but because of mutual gameplay considerations.

    [Vehicle Mechanics]
        I never liked systems damage and items loss on BFRs.
        That intricacy made them both ridiculously easy to cripple and extremely hard to balance.
        I think they should be removed, and let BFRs act as third tier tanks with different armour mechanics so that we don`t just get heavier tanks:
        Heavy shield, fragile body (all those joints...).

        If you do keep those, erm, features, maybe try to give them much less susceptibility to non-AP ammo?

        I also really hated the BFRs` screen shake. It was extremely disorienting (Was it removed in some patch? I seem to recall something like that).

        A mechanic that could possibly make the flail add to the gameplay instead of just being unfun is to make the shots only fly in the general direction (CoF) they are aimed at, and self-correct toward a laze-pointed target (Sort of like belatedly homing StarFire).
        This way, what made flails kill fun entirely would just be impractical, as it would not be just a matter of setting a position and clicking endlessly. your shots would hit all around your target unless they have something to home onto.

        The Flail will then require either:
          1. Direct Line of Sight (sit on a hill - vulnerable) - this way it`s close enough that the spread matters less and it can see where its shots land.
          2. A Spotter.

Equipment/Support Devices:
    Naeadil wrote:Health Module
    - The increased maximum health portion of this module’s benefit has been removed.
    Reasoning: One of the worst mechanics in the game detracting from the "skill over stats" design philosophy. Very strangely out of place.

      I agree.
      Although I`m no grunt, I know how annoying and unnecessary this can be.

    Disconnect Command Rank from Orbital Strike and EMP:
      Do we really need Orbital Strikes and EMPs as part of the command rank benefits?
      This just makes everyone advance their command rank for those benefits without any care for actually leading.
      This leads to people who know nothing about strategy and leading gaining global chat (this really was harmful. Made pop split when there weren`t enough people to do so).
      Make them come from somewhere else and I`ll have no complaints.

    AA Turrets:
      I must speak against the people who say that AA turrets should be removed: They take a long time to set up and it`s very easy to disrupt the process.
      It`s also relatively easy for ground units to kill them. This is where teamwork comes into play - "I can`t get near the base. Could you please get rid of the AA turrets?".
      You might even request the big guns (flail) and then comes into play a spotter... -see? everyone play as one for a purpose.

    Experimental Base Building:
      Try to make base-building an actual thing.
      The attempt with the FDU was very weak.
      This could be remedied by making the Aegis Shield Gen have a much larger radius and a better shield.
      The bigger surface area should compensate for the higher defence somewhat, but not entirely. Part of the point is to make it easier to maintain.
      Once that works, you can deploy an AMS inside (Remove distance restriction for this gameplay element), CE the area, build some turrets around and party hard.
      Honestly, I think the size of the shield bubble is what prevented it from being used properly. People could barely fit in. That, and it died FAST.

      Naeadil wrote:- The cooldown for forgetting certifications has been reduced to 1 hour.
      - You can now use the Forget All certifications function every 24 hours.

      Sounds good.
      The purpose I see for the cert timer is preventing people from becoming jacks-of-all-trades (especially when fighting in a friendly a bio-lab).
      However... fights can easily reach 1 hour, so maybe make it 2-3 hours so that you can`t just switch a cert for the current fight and then recert?
      Picking your certs carefully should matter.
      One hour could work. This requires live testing...

      Another option would be to use a different scheme, such as 30min`s per cert point - Forgot one? wait 30. Forgot 2? An hour. And so on.

      Completely changing roles once a day seems fine (should probably be 24 hours since last use but I don`t know if that will matter much).

    Hacking Overhaul:
      [Hacking] is currently not really worth the certs.
      In all my years, I recall only ever encountering one person who had the hacking cert without the adv. one.

      "The hacking certification reduces the time needed to spend on hacking objects with a REK. It also grants the ability to hack Certification Terminals, Lockers, Medical Terminals, and Implant Terminals. "
      Certification and implant terminals? Close to useless... Not entirely so, but I doubt anyone will spend 3 certs on the privilege to do this.
      Lockers are only for enemy bases, so nearly useless as well. Unless you`re infiltrating and trying to blow the spawn room up without adv. hacking for on-the-spot equipment.
      Medical terminal is somewhat nice, but you probably won`t be using this a whole lot.
      And even if you do, even combining them all together, I don`t believe these benefits would make anyone (except for the mentioned guy) spend 3 certs.

      Here`s my Proposal, then:

      -Grants access to the REK.
      -Hackable Terminals Added: Door Locks, CC, Certification, Medical, Implant.
      -Hackable Equipment Added: Lockers.

      Adv. Hacking:
      -CC & Doors Hack time reduced.
      -Hackable Terminals Added: Equipment, Vehicle, BFR, Adv. Medical, Main.
      -Hackable Equipment Added: Unoccupied Vehicles, Unoccupied Field Turrets.

      Expert Hacking:
      -CC & Doors Hack time further reduced.
      -Hackable Terminals Added: Matrix Panel, Generator.
      -Hackable Equipment Added: Occupied Vehicles, Occupied Field Turrets, ASG, Main.
      -Can Remove Viruses.
      -Has better Sensor Shield protection.
      -Faster Vehicle Jacking.
      (-Infiltration Suit does not become visible when hacking anymore) * See [Cloaking].

      This is quite radical, I know.
      I think it was like this at some earlier stages of the game and was changed.
      Can anyone confirm or deny?


        Naeadil wrote:Ground Support
        - This certification has been removed from the game. It has been split into Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) and Router.

        Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)
        - Grants access to the Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) vehicle.
        - This certification is available for free to all characters and is learned by default.
        Reasoning: The AMS is very important, and in low populations not having this Certification causes the game flow to slow down too much.

        I think the AMS should still cost.
        It might be very necessary for gameplay, but removing the cost would mean less specialization for support.
        It`s one less role someone could have.
        Not to mention the hoards of experience. They should cost.
        I think the AMS should still cost 2 cert points in order to prevent people from certing it with their leftover single cert point just because they don`t know what to do with it.

        In light of that... I propose to add some other vehicle in there with the AMS but remove the router, which I believe belongs in Ground Transport.
        The Harasser should do fine. Its role is recon, and it`s frequently used as a mini-transport (I realize this might sound like Ground Transport, but no).

[Game Mechanics]

    Maximum Battle Rank:
      Max BR could be changed to 100.
      This is just for for the good feeling of constantly advancing and having a nice looking number for a goal, but shouldn`t be hard to implement.
      This is modular: By giving a cert every 4-5~ levels you decide if you went for 20 / 25 as the oldschool BR limit.
      The xp at level 100 could either be the same as for reaching oldschool 20/25 - old xp roof spread over the new levels, or it could be just for show. Not getting more certs since levels 20/25, but being able to show your seniority through levels. (Some visual cue every 10 levels?)

      Now, I`ve seen some people claim levelling was fast.
      Those people probably won`t like the idea of spreading the previous xp roof very much, as it will make levelling faster (even if the cap is higher and you don`t get a cert point every level).
      Personally, I wouldn`t mind fast levelling as long as the certs aren`t messed up, since it means I`m constantly getting "rewards" and shown that I am progressing.

      Also, let me just say that levelling wasn`t fast for me, as a support (yes, even with AMSs).
      I wish support roles could get better xp. See discussion.

    Spawn Timer:
      Naeadil wrote:- The increased respawn penalty for dying has been removed from the game.
      Reasoning: This slows down the game way too much, making the game way too stale for beginners and veterans alike.

      I don`t know about you, but when I died consecutively, I was sometimes glad for the long respawn timer... Well, to be fair, sometimes.
      I needed a break but... you kind of need these exit points. You can`t just up and quit in the middle of something, and instant respawn or a very fast one does not encourage you to call it a day.
      In case you`re interested:

      Maybe it really is better to not let people build up steam by locking them out for too long and not letting them retry whatever it is they were doing (and failed?), but OTOH, it`s not such a bad idea to let them have 30 seconds to see what the time is.

      It also played a role in fights.
      If I beat someone twice or thrice, he now finally spawned slowly enough so that I could hack that darn tower without having my back filled with lead.

      It seems it was also used to mitigate population differences to some extent (less pop - faster respawn).

      The one thing I would change is the timer.
      It should start ticking once you die. Not once you choose a spawn point.

      A possible mechanism would be to use the same big meter for all respawn purposes;
      Beginning with nowhere but the sanctuary, more spawn points would slowly become available, since some (such as AMS`s) required longer to spawn at.

      Doing this will also mean that people can rest easy once killed and have a few seconds to decide if they call it a night.

    Lock Benefits:
      An empire holding more territory SHOULD have some benefit from said territory because they have more area to defend.
      That`s the theory.
      In practice, people look for a head-on fight because that`s what`s actually fun. So the empire with most territory having benefits just helps them snowball.

      Is that good or bad, though? Maybe we want to let someone "win" eventually. They`re gonna need that extra edge when pushing the other empires` last stands.

      I say we keep them.

    Third Person View:
      Third person view needs to go, in my opinion.
      For everything.

      It allowed some fun tricks, but they were mostly things which detracted from gameplay, like peeking around a corner when you shouldn`t be able to see what`s there.
      This crippled some playstyles.
      To give some examples I, as an infiltrator, experienced:
      Hacking vehicles - Drivers could see you (and for some reason even hear you better) when in third person when you tried to sneak up behind them in order to jack their ride.
      In a similar way, I had to be wary when sneaking on people with their backs to me... That`s just wrong.
      Booming in stairs or anywhere in general - People could peek just outside the boomer`s range. This killed the safety-first jammer throw.
      People would only jam your boomer after they confirmed there was one behind the corner - does this not sound at least a bit wrong to you?

      Some other effects this had was people hiding in the gen room in corners, knowing when people enter but invisible themselves. Never falling for a fake door opening that was meant to bait them out.
      If at all, this should be a cert or implant for third person drone or something... too much utility for free.

      The death cam should go for similar reasons.
      Although not nearly as bad, it allows people to spy on the enemy.
      Sure, not many people will stay dead just to report to their squadmates about the enemy`s moves, but the possibility exists and I see no good reason to keep it.

      Cloak should be absolute while moving (100% invisibility).

      Modern graphic cards handle PS` invisibility wrong and show semi-cloaked units as clearly as neon lights.
      You might as well be completely visible when the game only intends you to be a haze.
      Since we aren`t likely to be able to solve this problem reliably at the graphic engine level - we should do what we can, which is to make cloaking units not "gain visibility" when moving.

      I realise how potentially problematic this change can be. For example, Cloakers might start murder-fests.
      However, excessive assassins self regulate by making other players paranoid. This happened before.
      Players take sensory implants (DL & AA) and spam plasma grenades all over, just in case.
      A beautiful case of homeostasis.

      I think that the current state of invisibility will not work.
      The invisibility in PS was designed to work with the rest of the system in a certain way.
      Cloakers were allowed to retain some degree of mobility without turning completely visible to the trained eye.
      The cloaking system was carefully balanced and screwed into a machine of implants, visual effects, and other things.
      In its current state, the machine`s cogs don`t fit together well.

      As for performing actions:
      Performing actions other than just walking could still "gain visibility".
      This is fine with me even with the current state of supposed "full visibility".

      [Expert Hacking] makes your Sensor Shield work better, so possibly make expert hackers not gain visibility when hacking. * See [Hacking].

      On the same note, the Phantasm is way too easy to spot with the sky as the background.
      As if it wasn`t enough that it shows on the radar pretty much always and is shot at by spits just for breathing too hard.
      Having the enemies at least guess the height might give it a fighting- scratch that: a living chance.
      As a transport with poor handling and no weapons, it`s dead once an attack craft is on its tail.

      It would still become visible when hit, so it`s not like you can`t find it...

      You can`t just say "It`s invisible, that`s already good enough! It can drop troops on a base without any resistance.".
      it`s not really invisible right now.

    More Savable Settings:
      Add the ability to save settings such as allowing squad/platoon mates set your router`s pads by default.

[For Discussion]

    No More Disposable Planes:
      I wish we could find a way to limit/eliminate the use of planes (especially aircav) as a disposable transport.

      I believe that using aircav as disposable tools is not good for gameplay - It makes the capable grunts work and act alone a lot of the time.
      I`m not against people dropping on towers in order to breach from the roof, on the contrary.
      However, requiring dedicated air transport rather than every other guy discarding a costly aircraft (both in concept and NTU-wise) makes other people have a part in what you do and makes the game more fun overall, I think.

      I thought about using grief points for "damaging your empire`s craft", but this idea is problematic.
      Point accumulation takes time, and might not be enough to prevent anything at all or it might snowball too hard.
      Recognizing conditions that should grant grief points is also very problematic.

      Then I thought about this:
      -Limit pilots to Sexo/Infil so that there`s no point to drop into certain death with a tiny inventory and *medium rifle at best (Unless you`re one of those Rambo-Special-Ops-types and like to go on killing sprees in tights...).

      This brings me to the next suggestion.
      This suggestion is mostly for the sake of solving the disposable aircraft problem, but I think it has merit on its own.
      It believe it would encourage more teamwork, as people would have to diversify more and split roles.
      You might start seeing less of the same carbon copy grunts.

    The Motion for Quiet Pistols:
    Quaser MAX & Beamer SFX switched.
    Beamer for practicality - SFX is too unique and loud and gets an army with black eyes hunting for you.
    The Quaser`s SFX is more subtle and will hopefully fill the beamer`s role better.
    Quaser is a test - I think it would sound absolutely awesome.

    The Mag Scatter... I don`t know.

    Integral REK:
      REK - hackers only or integral?
      Assuming [Hacking] is not mad necessary for acquiring the REK: * As per the suggestion in [Hacking].
      Make the REK integral inventory

      Just a passing thought.

    Default & Purchasable Armor:
      KingFeraligator brought an idea that seemed upside down to me at first: Making Rexo a default cert and Agile a purchasable one.
      This idea has its merits and demerits, and I was intrigued by it, so I created a short list of possibilities and ask that you pitch in and brainstorm about it:

      - Sexo is free and can drive all vehicles.
      - Infil can drive all vehicles.

      And then:
      - Aexo is the free battle ExoSuit.
      - Rexo is purchasable.
      (Like the Pre-Free-Rexo days)

      - Aexo is purchasable. (mid-ground for driving)
      - Rexo is the free battle ExoSuit.

      Alternative 2:
      - Aexo and Rexo both require purchasing.
      - Aexo gives more armour and inventory while keeping the ability to drive vehicles.
      - Rexo gives a lot of armour and inventory in exchange for the ability to drive vehicles.

      Giving both for free is plain silly and will mess up the certing limitations big time.

      Aexo needing purchase is good in my opinion: It makes droppers have to buy something for their capers unless they want to take people on in their pyjamas.
      That is. if you don`t make Aexo unable to drive Aircraft (at the very least). * See discussion about [Driving].

      You probably forgot by now, so let me quote myself: "...and ask that you pitch in and brainstorm about it."

      Though the name implies harassing - hence the gun, its description clearly states it`s a recon vehicle.
      Should we make the Harasser fit its intended purpose - scouting - better, then?
      Don`t get me wrong, I think the current Harasser is awesome and love it the way it is.
      I am just bringing this up for brainstorming.

      -Make it able to traverse extremely steep inclines with more speed than a dying snail.
      -Replace gun with / add laze-pointer (Will have be instantaneous, though, since you need to mark a single spot. Which is impossible to hold onto for 5 seconds when you are in a moving vehicle).
      (See part about the Flail)

      -Remove gun & add cloak? ...Prooobably not.

    Inter-Base Router Insanity:
      Increase Router pad distance to more than just tower-base distance as it is (barely) right now?
      Maybe increase initialization time with distance from Router?

      * See: Vehicle Certs Change.

    Light Vehicles Climb:
      Make light vehicles in general climb better so that there are more ways to traverse some maps.

      People seem to be very fond of the modern gaming schtick of switching places while inside a vehicle.
      What are your thoughts about this?

      I personally think it would be terrible in PS.

      Aside from the entering/exiting animations making this seem really out of place (you can actually see where you entered to sit and that it isn`t connected to other places at all), It makes the choice of where to enter the vehicle meaningless.
      Take a liberator for example: Tailgunner or bombardier? I don`t expect any problems (aircav) on the way, but who knows? Or should I prepare just in case we find an AMS or tank?

      For a galaxy it would be right/left wing gunners, for example;
      A chasing aircav won`t be able to exploit a blindspot created by neglecting to bring along enough crew.

    Support XP:
      Healing/Repairing giving direct experience could work, but will likely have a large impact on the field.
      Those giving experience could affect the entire scene - people choosing more support certs for easier xp and such.
      I think this is a good thing, but who knows?

    Naeadil wrote:Character Selection
    - The cooldown for switching Empires has been reduced to 1 hour.

      I`m actually torn between this and having only one character linked to an account.

    Infiltration Suit:
      An interesting idea would be making infil suits have 2-3 seconds initialization time similar to implants and have jammers make them have to reinitialize (or anything like this).

      It would be possible to create a set of sidegrade infil suits:
      -Ones that don`t lose cloak when moving but uncloak when using equipment.
      -Ones that don`t lose cloak when using equipment but uncloak when moving.
      PlanetSide 2 played with the ideas of timer vs limited inventory.
      There`s not much inventory to speak of in the first place, so I guess that`s out, but the visibility meter could be turned into a cloaking capacitor of sorts?

    Weapon Certs Change:
      -Standard assault gets the ESMA rifles.
      -Special Assault Gets Punisher & Maelstrom.
      -Heavy Assault Gets Rocklet Rifle.

      -New Cert for Stealthy Weaponry (Suppressor, AMP, & ESMA pistol)?
      The point is that the Sup would become even more useless than it is now once the ESMARs are in Standard.
      Making it a rifle that does not show you on the map when shooting (already so?) or making it even quieter than it already is could make a practically unused model into something good again.

    [Vehicle Certs Change]
      Ground Transport:
        -Ground Transport is divided into 2 certs. *[cert cost].
        -Ground Transport 1 [1]:
          ES Deliverer Variant - Armour: Medium | Weapons: Medium | Speed: Medium | Handling: Good | Ground only.
        -Ground Transport 2 [1]:
          Deliverer - Armour: Low | Weapons: Low | Speed: High | Handling: Very Good | Amphibious.
          ES Sunderer Variant - Armour: High | Weapons: High | Speed: Low | Handling: Poor | Ground only.
          Router [1]
        Router cert moves into Ground Transport 2 (prerequisite for certing router).
        The Router is now buried inside 2 other certs and 3 cert points. -Why? See: Inter-Base Router Insanity*.

      SkyGuard & Buggies:
        Do you think the SkyGuard should be available through certs other than Assault Buggy & Light Scout?

        It might be interesting to do any of the following:
        - Remove tech requirement.
        - Make certable separately from other buggies (If I didn`t already know what Ground Support contained, that would be my guess, honestly).

        The reason separating is worth considering is because of my other suggestions that would probably cause more people to cert light vehicles, which would result in a huge amount of SkyGuard-licensed soldiers.

      Phantasm & Aircraft Certs Overhaul:
        I think the Phantasm has a hard time fitting in the current tree.
        The dev probably wanted to make sure they don`t cause anyone to buy more planes just because they want their invisible plane.
        I think allowing the phantasm to be bought with 1/2 cert points instead of a whopping 3 for owners of Air Support would be a great idea.

        The Aircraft Cert-Tree might even use a overhaul:
        No concrete idea of the exact shape, but burying the GG deeper, for example, might make things more bearable.
        Also, separating the Liberator from the transports might make the cert seem too expensive (3 cert points that REQUIRE a Dropship Center), but it will allow the phantasm to be included in the package if you have your infiltration suit.

        See what I mean? Overhaul...

[Truly Radical Thoughts & Ideas]

    [Pure Skill]
      What do you think about the "ideal state" of skill-based games?
      Ideal state of things would be "you are what you carry" - Consider what you might encounter and plan your inventory accordingly. You are only limited by what you chose to bring (inventory size).

    [Reliant Towers]
      Make towers inside a base`s SOI reliant on its generator.
      This will make place for many new interesting decisions: Should we drop the generator and lose the ability to grab equipment from our tower in the process? (Also, aircraft repairs and turrets).

      I hope no sane person would try the opposite...

    [Magazine Ammo]
      Make reloading discard current ammo.
      This makes people think twice before just topping up their magazines and adds a lot more depth and immersion.
      True, this is quite weird using the current ammo mechanism, but it can be solved by changing ammo carried to magazines.

      I guess SOE did this for the sake of ammo universality, but a MCG`s magazine should be quite different from other guns.
      Of course, it`s obvious the characters somehow just draw more ammunition from the packs, thoughts?

    A ridiculous idea: AP ammo can damage vehicle occupants?

If you read even half of half of every part of this, I salute you.
Remember that this took longer to write than it takes to read. I probably have a lot of holes and inconsistencies.
At any rate, treat most of it as discussion material.

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