PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

What features would you like to see in PSForever?
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PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Naeadil » Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:23 pm

Although I think it would be wise to eventually set up a post/forum to post these ideas in and vote on them (not necessarily to decide what the ruleset will be, but to gauge community interest), I'm curious as to what rough ideas you guys have for your own ruleset.

It's simple: If PSForever were to come out tomorrow, and you had to create a ruleset for the server. What would it be? No BFRs? Bring back a past version of the Lasher? Make your own custom buff/nerf/change to gameplay? Lower max BR?

This will hopefully get the creative juices flowing in the community and we can get some great discussion about this highly debated topic!

Be informative and descriptive! The more time you put into your ruleset, the better! If you have something that is considered "custom," please make note of it. Otherwise, referencing a past version/patch to describe something would be helpful! (I.E. Original Lasher, Coder Madness 2 Reaver Buff) Don't forget, there is a list of patch notes here: ... le=Patches Additionally, you can click on the specific patch number for the patch notes themselves, often giving more information regarding the changes!

Here's the template I'll be using. Feel free to add more fields if I missed something important! Don't forget to not only make changes, but indicate if you would remove something entirely as well! I've added links to the PlanetSide Syndicate wiki to help if you don't understand a specific topic.

Maximum Battle Rank:

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:

Infantry Weapons:

Equipment/Support Devices:

Armor (Infantry/MAX):

Vehicles (all including BFRs):



Please try to keep replies in this thread to the above template! Thanks!

ALL discussion of these ideas is to be kept to this topic: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=136
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby XxXDEATHKILLXxX » Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:25 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 25

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: Revert back to the pre-bending state of the world

Infantry Weapons: Fix Lasher!

Equipment/Support Devices: None

Armor (Infantry/MAX): None

Vehicles (all including BFRs): Bring BFR's back for a bit. See what others think once they get to use them again. Remove the Reaver armor buff.

Notes/Extras: Turn the empire cooldown down. Maybe down to 2 hours or so.

I will edit this post over time.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Naeadil » Tue Jan 26, 2016 9:28 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 25

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:
Galactic Lattice with current Home Continent setup and Old Oshur. Home continents should be rotated every couple months to keep the game fresh.

Infantry Weapons:
- Bring back an old version of the Lasher, preferably 2.0
Reasoning: The Lasher is disproportionately weaker than the other Heavy Assault weapons, and even somewhat versus the Sweeper Shotgun. It's harder to use a considerable margin, and suffers from bad hit detection. The older version of the Lasher would attract VS players to return, and it is used much differently than the MCG and JH, creating more Empire diversity.

Equipment/Support Devices: None

Armor (Infantry/MAX): None

Vehicles (all including BFRs):

- Revert the Reaver Armor buff mistakenly left in the aftermath of Coder Madness 2 Event patch
- Remove BFRs
- Remove Galaxy Gunships
- Remove WASPs


The following are all custom changes mainly intended to help quality of life:

- The cooldown for forgetting certifications has been reduced to 1 hour.
- You can now use the Forget All certifications function every 24 hours.

Medium Assault
- No longer grants access to the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), and Pulsar (VS).

Standard Assault
- Now grants access to the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), and Pulsar (VS).
Reasoning: Not specializing in Medium Assault makes you nigh useless as an infantry. This will make beginners/lowbie characters life a little less painful, but still allows Medium Assault to be attractive (Sweeper/Punisher are great weapons).

Ground Support
- This certification has been removed from the game. It has been split into Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) and Router.

Advanced Mobile Station (AMS)
- Grants access to the Advanced Mobile Station (AMS) vehicle.
- This certification is available for free to all characters and is learned by default.
Reasoning: The AMS is very important, and in low populations not having this Certification causes the game flow to slow down too much.

- Grants access to the Router vehicle.
- This certification costs 1 Certification Point.


Health Module

The following are all custom changes mainly intended to help quality of life:

- The increased maximum health portion of this module’s benefit has been removed.
Reasoning: One of the worst mechanics in the game detracting from the "skill over stats" design philosophy. Very strangely out of place.

Character Selection
- The cooldown for switching Empires has been reduced to 1 hour.

Equipment Terminals
- Choosing a favorite loadout of the same non-MAX armor type you are currently wearing at an Equipment Terminal now fully repairs your armor.
Reasoning: Makes it easier for new players and require less key presses overall to repair your armor at an Equipment Terminal.

- The “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favorite loadout has been altered to replace the three stacks of Plasma Grenades in the Inventory with two stacks of Fragmentation Grenades and one stack of Jammer Grenades.
Reasoning: Makes the loadout more diverse and useful for beginners.

- Players now spawn in Agile Exosuit with either the Cycler (TR), Gauss Rifle (NC), or Pulsar (VS) and appropriate ammo depending on the Empire of the character. Their inventory and weapons are configured the same as the updated “Light Infantry / Vehicle Driver” default favorite loadout.
Reasoning: Agile Exosuit originally costed Certification Points in the PlanetSide beta. It was intended as an upgrade to Standard Exosuit. When it was made free, I feel it was an oversight to keep Standard Exosuit in the game. Additionally, this is a quality of life change for beginners, allowing them to spawn with decent armor, weapon, and loadout. It is a slight nerf to spawn camping, a tactic many aren't too fond of anyway. I strongly feel the positives outweigh the negatives by far.

- The increased respawn penalty for dying has been removed from the game.
Reasoning: This slows down the game way too much, making the game way too stale for beginners and veterans alike.

- Allow for custom Pop Locks: 200v200v200 per continent.
Reasoning: More people can't hurt if the technology supports it.

Planning on filling this out more later!
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby KingFeraligatr » Wed Jan 27, 2016 12:54 am

Oh boy:

Max BR: 20

CC enabled: Yes

Planetary/Galactic Lattice setup: Hybrid of my own make. Auraxis can be one planet or spread across the galaxy, but make the caves have hard links to the continents and all are open at all times. Oshur Prime returns as it's own continent, but the Battle Islands remain as well. Need the variety.

Infantry weapons: See the first post here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28

Equipment/Support: make more incentives for support and equipment to be more useful. Encourage more support roles. Remove the focus on Infantry Gruntside in PS1. More ideas are on the first post here: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28

Armor: Stop Rexo from being the ultimate overall armor and no more free Rexo. See here for more info (first post again): viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28

Vehicles: I want to see BFRs in action first, but after that you can make them VR only. GG is VR only. The first post here again gives more of my thoughts: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28

Certs: Make it impossible to have the optimal cert loadout from the old game. Encourage more vehicle and support certs. You know the drill with this link: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=28

Notes/Extras: This game quite frankly needs an overhaul and a big rebalance. The NC are in a really bad place and the TR are too good. This game favors Infantry Gruntside and killwhoring above all other playstyles (just like PS2.....). I urge people to read my link and read other idea sites. This game is broken, has no long term depth, and needs major fixing.

Also, I would love to add in NPCs and actual bots. I'd also love some PVE elements and more off the front line activities. It would make the game more attractive to me and others and would make the game more bearable for underpopped factions (bots would help with that.)

I might update this post in the future. Burnout and extreme dissatisfaction with a game will do that to someone.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Ryathorz » Wed Jan 27, 2016 5:43 am

Maximum Battle Rank: 25. Possibly 30 without freebies (given the number of new options added since 25)

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes* (though the caves kind of sucked, and empires could sometimes hog all of the cave benefits making the strong side even stronger)

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:
Old Oshur - great for ground battles

Infantry Weapons: Reconsider maelstrom alt-fire, lasher 4.0 (or lasher 1.5)

Equipment/Support Devices: Fix bugs allowing players to deploy things indoors where they shouldn't be able to (teleporting through the roof, turrets in gen rooms, etc).

Armor (Infantry/MAX): Check/fix change in VS plasma burn, let AA maxes fire to the flight ceiling at all bases rather some but not others

Vehicles (all including BFRs):
Revert reaver armour buff. Reconsider wasps existence.
Vehicles: Allow aurora to hit targets closer than 25-30m or straighten out its arc - the last time I checked its salvo mode spread six shots over an area 15m long and 4m wide at minimum range, doesn't get more spray and pray than that.
BFRs: Re-time animations and triggers to match new playback speeds - fixing the jump heights and motion-sickness inducing (and occasional camera breaking) jitter of the VS top gun. Fix the hitcheck on the plasma mortar. Fix/re-stat the laser. Reconsider the starfire (tracking a fast moving target with slow moving projectiles in a slowly rotating vehicle doesn't work) and check to see if an old lock-on bug with non-paired starfires still exists. Reconsider syphon weapons.

Certifications: Test tweaking to the daily recert limits - perhaps a relatively free amount of recerting when you first log-in in sanc and then limited afterwards for the next X hours. Mainly because the recert limits get in the way of player events like cloaker conga night, ground transport night, everyone take a flail night (aka everyone get weapon locked night), etc :p

Notes/Extras: Ghost hacking (hacking/capturing bases on empty continents) was a constant pain in everyones backsides, forcing groups of players to sit around doing nothing at a dead base for 15 minutes on the off-chance a squad will drop down with 1 minute to go and block the recapture forcing it to start all over again. Just not good gameplay.

A number of the maps were also difficult to move around at any kind of speed unless you were using an aircraft due to sheer cliffs everywhere. More access points for ground units would improve the game IMO.


Misc Balance thoughts - I don't feel the game really needs any of these, they are just things I remember from playing years back.
TR higher crew requirements: Prowler is fine due to its disproportionately high damage output (though could perhaps do with moving a little main gun damage up into the chainguns), but raider is a little under-armoured for 5 crew.
TR weapons: The cycler might benefit from having its RoF/shot damage equalised with the other two guns, its lower per-shot damage meant that the rexo armour change had a disproportionate effect on it. Also the TR were always complaining about the chain-blade being slightly louder than the other knives...
NC weapons: The mag-scat was never all that popular due to being so short ranged that you might as well pull a knife. With the buffed reavers and door camping a common complaint was the inability to get an AA missile lock while shielded.
VS weapons: Re-locking starfire bolts - disabled very early on, would be interested to see it in action particularly if it would fix the crappy BFR starfires. Removing the explosive radius/damage type from the flux cannon. Allowing energy weapons (if perhaps only in AV mode) to shoot through the water rather than having to stand around while BFRs regenerate their shields in a puddle.


And most important of all - be careful with any changes and betatest feedback. Players can be extremely partisan and 'buff my gun' often takes priority over 'buff the right gun'
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby TIWolf » Wed Feb 03, 2016 8:09 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: BR 25

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: No preference to me, do miss caves quite a bit.

Infantry Weapons: Leave as is.

Equipment/Support Devices: Leave as is.

Armor (Infantry/MAX): Aesthetically speaking i want to know if its possible to fix the TR Achievement Badges (left shoulder) when wearing the Agile suit. For those not familiar about the bug, its when the TR logo glitches / Doesn't go away completely over your Achievement Badges and looks terrible.

Vehicles (all including BFRs): Bring back BFR's, sad enough once they got semi fixed they were nice to have around for outdoor battles.

Certifications: I don't like the concept that being BR 40 gives you access too every CERT. Especially with low populations, seems like a unfair advantage.

Notes/Extras: Just keeping the game as close to the original as possible. I feel if we start trying to tweak to much example; DPS with the Gun's ETC. It will mess too much with Game play / Strategy.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby p0intman » Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:47 am

Maximum Battle Bank: 20

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): No

Lattice: pre-bending. fuck the battle islands. to hell with the caves. to hell with BFRs and ancient tech.

Vehicles: to hell with bfrs and ancient tech. everything else is ok.

Everything else: as it was pre-bending.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Sulferix » Mon Feb 08, 2016 1:32 am

Alright here goes. Keep in mind I've never experienced core combat:

Maximum Battle Rank: 30.

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): YES

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: Keep the battle islands, bring back old oshur as a new continent that exists alongside the battle islands. Keep the caves, I wanna experience then.

Infantry Weapons: right now is say buff the lasher, but i feel like later down the line i would like to see lasher 1.0-1.5-4.0. Fix the alt fire mode on the jackhammer so that it has a larger cof but will drain an agile dead if all shots hit. At least at this point it would have a use. Slightly increase mcg cof and cof bloom. Add a new medium range weapon to the medium assault certification.
Equipment/Support Devices:
Repairing and other support roles now give experience(should be a no brainer).
Armor (Infantry/MAX):
make rexo a default armor, costing no certs. Rexo is the main armor of pside, everyone has it, and thus rather than restricting your play style to grunting allow you to spend the certs elsewhere.

Vehicles (all including BFRs):
keep cc vehicles, including bfrs. Revamp bfrs to work with their animations, fix vs bfrs having stupid gunner weapon sway. All bfrs should have the same jump height. make the health of the bfr armor almost nothing and put all the strength into the shield. the bfr starfires should have a very fast projectile speed, like twice that of the max version, and they should do more damage. The jump height of all bfrs should be that of the vs bfr. MAYBE bring back the phantasm 12mm gunner turret, but maybe only if it can be used while not cloaked. Add a new vehicle, a weaponless atv that doesn't cloak. Make it free. That way people can have transport at low brs. Change bfr respawn timer to 5 minutes. A bfr should simply be a mbt with a different play style. It should have just as much armor, just have that armor mostly in the shield, have people time their escape wisely. Make the shield of the flight bfr like half that of the gunner version. Bfrs should not out-dps an mbt. You should be able to sit facing each other in an mbt and bfr, and be able to kill each other at the same time, or at least somewhat close to that. Make the bfr an encouraged play style, but not make the mbt obsolete.

Make the bfr cert cost the same as mbt for base variant(3), cert costs for ai and aa remain at 1.

Chars above br 30 get to choose another char to put all their extra bep into.
Those who get all the achievements in pside get all cert points, although that's probably impossible. Still, completionists reward.
No more tos rewards, but if they must stay have them all unlock after 1 year of service.
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Figment » Mon Feb 08, 2016 12:31 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 23-25;

IF any ranks above are handed out, they should be clear cosmetic ranks, unlocking special suit or vehicle armour colours options. They should not relate to combat power, at all, as the amount of certification points needs to be limited for a competitive game between low ranks and higher ranks, where you can outwit someone else by the type of weaponry or skill upgrades you have and where your identity and uniqueness as a player is linked to your character abilities. For instance, playing early on as an advanced hacker becomes far more important when people around you aren't capable of opening consoles. This controls largely the flow of combat in low pops where you may deny the enemy access to advanced weapons, allowing you to handle larger amounts of enemies and break through. If everyone is an advanced hacker, there is at most a temporary lull in battle that's hardly noticeable as players open the consoles before going up.

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other):
Yes / Other.

  1. Router: Yes.
  2. Switchblade: Yes.
  3. Flail: Other: Needs balancing: much longer vehicle timer (+12-17 minutes from current), as well as requiring a Laze Targeting device being active. Current timers do not stop a Flail battery from getting up within a minute. Currently, by the time you're in position to fire, the vehicle timer already expired and you could grab another. It takes several minutes to travel to a Flail location and then you still need to figure out how to take it out if it is defended. It should be worth travelling over there, trying to take it out and dieing in the process. Flails should be rare and lucrative to kill, not pointless to kill as another would take its place instantly as it has been since their introduction.
  4. Caves: Yes, they should return, but a lot should be changed:

    1. Vehicle acquisition rules:
      • Skyguard should be available: if you can get aircraft, you should be able to get your counter.
    2. Warp straight into a cave from a Broadcast Warpgate, otherwise reinforcements will not come due to the extra loading time required.
    3. Scrap existing Redoubt, AV and Mod building and fully redesign them as they are far too easy to camp, with aircraft specifically, but also with boomers and MAX units spawncamping for instance. Spawns should be destructible. My advice would be: rework these bases completely, combine vehicle building and redoubt into one building with linked corridors. Add sub-surface CC to Module Building and put weapon caches in the CC building. Use no teleporters that can easily be camped, only apply them to quickly scale ridges.
    4. If there's no new buildings, then CCs should work as tower captures to speed up conquest of caves. People hated the large time investment versus the small gains. For the current buildings, I would advice: two extra CCs in the module rooms. Capture all three for instant control of the building. For Redoubt and AV, control both for instant control, control AV to require hacker at vehicle term and control RE to require hacker for equip terms.
    5. Reduce or remove requirements for "imprinting".

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc:

New Global Lattice Design ... attice.jpg

As World Map: ... attice.jpg

This design applies both Old Oshur as well as the Battle Islands in a setup where most island can be interchanged when required.

Note: the existing, limiting rules for the BI's should probably be removed.

Infantry Weapons:

Probably need to take another look at the Lasher balancing.

Equipment/Support Devices:

  1. The T-REK needs limitations on the amount of items that can be hacked by it at any given time. I suggest a maximum of 5 items: currently it takes over the entire enemy CE defense system as well as base defenses, with just one guy, which is extremely exploitable.
  2. The effect of the T-REK's interference mode should increase for 5 seconds
  3. The amount of T-REK shots that cause interference should be increased to 5.
  4. Speed of the T-REKs interference pulse should be increased by 25%.
  5. Expand the amount of TRAPs per Fortification Engineer to 8 MAX.
  6. Reduce interference radius between TRAPs to 10m. (Currently two can be deployed near one another, with the first of the next set of two at least 25m further away. This makes TRAPs completely useless in the field, better to have a fixed distance).
  7. Reduce TRAP hitpoints by 10%
  8. Reduce interference radius of deployable mannable field turrets to 25m
  9. Allow placement of deployable mannable field turrets on walls and in friendly courtyards.
  10. Add interference radius for field turret with door, wall and wall turrets (15m, 5m and 25m respectively)
  11. Reduce interference radius between AEGIS and AMS to 15m (allows for nearby Router deploying in AEGIS)
  12. AEGIS should automatically have a healing field, pain field and radar if deploying player has access to these upgrades, OR if placed within a friendly SOI with respectively a Bio Lab (healing / painfield) or Interlink (local radar) active.
  13. AEGIS field should be flattened at the top and widened a bit more.
  14. AEGIS shield's hitpoints should automatically regenerate while in a friendly SOI with the AMP station benefit active.
  15. AEGIS radar benefits should be transferred to all allies within 40m of an AEGIS with radar benefits.

Armor (Infantry/MAX):

Allow switching between acquired armour schemes (such as gold armour and black armour for high battle rank NC). Beyond that, no changes needed.

Vehicles (all including BFRs):

  1. If any at all, BFRs should be there only for special events, with a distinct, limited number available per side. The problem with BFRs is that they're annoyingly hard to balance against manpower, firepower and endurance of other units due to their "it's got awesome stomping power for a single or duo player" design.
  2. If it's in at all, nerf Galaxy Gunship's down angles and DPS a bit (particularly for the mortar).
  3. Switch Deliverer (make it the Empire Specific TR vehicle) and Raider (Common Pool Nanite Systems)
  4. Add the Sunderer to the Harasser as Ground Transport 1 [1 CP]. GT1 would become a prerequesite for Amphibious Assault (Raider + ES variants) [2 CP] and Assault Buggies (ES buggy and Skyguard) [2 CP]


  1. No more certpoints than you could have at BR 23-25.
  2. Make training EXP available on all new characters on the same empire so you don't have to go through the motions again to get your first CP.


  1. See if we can somehow develop new buildings to replace existing buildings using the existing holes in the ground cut for the existing buildings.
  2. Capitols and especially its shields need to go, because this would:
    • once more allow and encourage module raiding, placing modules tactically and guarding them, instead of taking them for granted and without much hassle from a cave.
    • stop the false sense of safety where people don't bother "defending the capitol, because it will defend itself with the shield anyway"
    • encourage fighting over alternate routes and stop the forced chokepoints and thus reduce "routine" and provide options for spec ops
    • make for instance Ceryshen invasion and bridgefight theoretically doable from the north again
    • allow defense by OS to take out an AMS at a capital again
    • make it harder to keep a Flail battery alive / possible to kill a Flail battery at a current capitol base
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Re: PSForever Ruleset Ideas: Post your own!

Postby Degrado » Thu Feb 11, 2016 11:27 pm

Maximum Battle Rank: 25. Though if this is going to be higher, I'd agree with Figment on the higher ranks being something cosmetic.

Core Combat Enabled (Yes/No/Other): Yes

Continental / Galactic Lattice, Home Continent setup, Old Oshur, Oshur Battle Islands, etc: Old Oshur. Switch up home continents every now and then for variety.

Infantry Weapons: Rework the Lasher to be more on par with MCG and JH. Also fix the registration on the lasher orbs.

Equipment/Support Devices: Leave as it is.

Armor (Infantry/MAX): Leave as it is.

Vehicles (all including BFRs): Reaver armor buff needs to go.

Certifications: 6 hour timer is fine imo.


Command to switch armor colors possibly (Can switch between BR1 armor, BR7 armor, BR14 armor, and BR25.) I've always thought this would be pretty cool.

Command to take off the CR5 backpack. Again I thought this would be pretty cool, as I sometimes think the armors look pretty cool without the backpack (I still love it though :P)

Empire Timer: Possibly make the timer go away. This is so you can help out the other factions if yours has pop advantage and you can switch back to your original after helping out.

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