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What features would you like to see in PSForever?
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Re: Balance Discussion Thread

Postby Ryathorz » Fri Apr 29, 2016 5:57 pm

FateJH wrote:Without v.shields, a Mosquito is dead within three drums. With, four drums, I think.
A Reaver would normally have died within the same STK prior to its unnecessary armor buff from what I have heard.
Two full clips in VR, three full for the reaver.
Best to account for shields with aircraft though and the VR may not be accurate.

I've seen the mossie listed as about 665, the pre-buff reaver as 855, and the current reaver seems to be a bit over 1000.
1026 would be a flat 20% increase and my best guesstimate for its current armour.
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Re: Balance Discussion Thread

Postby void » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:36 pm

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    MAG Scatter pistol:
      I dunno, this gun is so bad and pointless it needs a rework. That or make it CP(Common Pool) and give the NC a new ES pistol.

Either just leave it a cloaker`s weapon (they are quite effective, I assure you... I was both victim and perpetrator), or make them shoot a single, powerful pellet (0-ish spread?).

I was never much of a grunt, so take my opinions about weapons with a grain of salt.
I will say, however, that you should always keep in mind that weapons should be balanced on an army-scale. Not a one-man scale.
So when you have a couple of guys tapping gauss rifles in 3 burst shots - people will drop.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Increase ammo box size from 9 rockets to at least 10 rockets.
      Buff guided rocket range OR buff rocket speed OR buff rocket damage.

Same argument made before: You have no idea how many times I died to those.
They are not very powerful alone, true. But that`s not how you should measure their effectiveness.
A bunch of guys killing an AMS in the CY, Killing snipers/engineers over the wall shields, "chasing" fleeing tanks behind hills/towers.
And all of that can happen from within a nice warm seat inside the tower...
This is what these guys excel at.
They don`t excel everywhere, but they definitely have some things they are good at.
Also, their power is rather similar to that of a deci while they carry a lot more ammo in much less space.
As long as you don`t expect to own tanks on your own, you`ll see that they are a wonderful weapon.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
        Increase 150mm ammo box size from 50 to 55, 60, 65, 70, OR 75.
        Possibly increase 150mm cannon damage.

They felt good to me last time I drove one... a hacked one ;)
Ohh, the good days...
Nervously hacking a Vanguard behind a liberator some 50-ish meters ahead with his back to me, quickly enter the gunner seat before he notices, then start shooting at him...
He came at me, spraying bullets, just to get a finishing blow in the shape of a 150mm shell to the face and went BOOM.
...Which was quite lucky on my part, because if he got behind me, I`d be toast.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Increase ammo box size from 15 rounds to 20 OR 25 rounds.
      Increase ammo box size from 50 rockets to 55 OR 60 rockets.
      Slightly increase rocket damage.

The thunderer might use a 2-3 increase to 17-18 shots/clip, but that`s it.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      NC MAX general:
        Increase shield recharge rate.
        Buff ammo box sizes.

Could work.
Just remember that as a general rule of thumb, you shouldn`t change too many things at once.
Put once change every time and see how it goes and what it does to the rest of the ecosystem.
These could be radical changes even if we don`t see them.
Even if people find a countermeasure in, say, the form of acquiring AV - you made more people have AV, and that changes a lot of things.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Scattercanon MAX:
      Slightly increase damage.

Because killing me fast is not enough? They need to kill me extra-fast?
I don`t think they should just be a toy you can kill in without any skill or thinking.
Play with teammates, you are not a one-man-army.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Falcon MAX:
      Decrease COF bloom.
      Slightly increase damage.

Again, quite powerful in my experience.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Sparrow MAX:
      Increase rocket life OR increase rocket speed.

      Maybe speed up rocket target acquisition.
      Maybe slightly increase damage.

Rocket distance and speed might work, the others sound quite bad for balance and whatnot.
Distance and speed also fit nicely with the name.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Mini Chaingun:
      Increase general COF
      Make COF bloom happen earlier and make it bloom more.

I`d only make it bloom as soon as it starts. That could be perfect for making it less useful in all ranges.
Again, not much of a grunt, so my opinions about weapons should matter little.
I do realize this will make it less useful in mid-range, but I don`t think this is all that critical.
It could just be another heavy weapon for cqb that works in a different way than the other too by spray&pray rather than careful aim. Unless really close, that it.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Increase main rail beam's damage against infantry.

Please do. It`s ridiculous how infantry doesn`t die from a direct hit by the main gun of a tank.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      VS MAXes general:
        Perhaps buff the jump jets in some way.

Only thing that could be added would be to let them maneuver to the sides/front-back - basically make the able to move 3D at full flight speed once in the air (using up the meter, of course).
This way, they`ll also have something up their sleeves inside buildings which is still within their theme - mobility.
Also, a tiny increase in meter regen would be nice. Currently, if you spend the meter on upwards movement, you don`t charge enough to slow down to a no-damage speed on the way down.
Not necessary, just nice and probably without much effect on anything else.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Shotgun Ammo Box:
      Increase amount of shells from 16 to 18.

This would not match the clip size of shotguns. Are you going to increase their clip size as well?
If you really think they need an increase, to to go 12/24, but find good reasons for that first.
(ammo/kills compared to normal rifles?)
Having leftovers might not be the end of the world, but...

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Increase damage.
      Increase damage, rocket speed, and bomblet number.
    Heavy Scout Rifle:
      Increase damage (can kill a Rexo in 3-4 shots now).

Why would increase the damage on the sup? You must a good reason for such a change.
You do know scorpions are 1HK if used correctly, right?
I have no idea what purpose the HSR could possibly serve, honestly. Maybe double with bolt driver in a rexo and auto-reload off?

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Aircraft in general:
      Decrease infantry farming potential.

Something more concrete, please?

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    BFRs in general:
      VR only for now.

I`m more for making them third tier tanks which rely on shields and are fragile beneath.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Reduce armor.
      Reduce armor.
      Reduce armor.

Mossie was quite balanced, I think.
It might not hurt to nerf its armor a bit.

Wasp... HAHAHAHAHA. Reduce what? What is this armor you speak of? Was it buffed when I wasn`t around?

Reaver seems to be the consensus.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Slightly increase armor.
      No Tech Plant benefit needed.

The tech thing might work.
I`d actually really, really like to see how that goes.

Armor unnecessary? It should be perfect after reavers go back to being sane(r).
They do massive damage to aircraft. I don`t think they should rely on armor, but rather on mobility.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
      Let it carry two vehicles.

It provides repairs and infinite ammo for vehicles (and if you`re smart and put some stuff into your vehicle loadouts - infinite of that, too).

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Galaxy Gunship:
      VR only for now.

Could stay if geared more toward heavy hitting and much. much slower RoF. Currently, it denies whole areas.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Reinforced Exo-Suit:
      Only can carry one heavy weapon at a time now. As in you can't have two heavy guns holstered at the same time (like a Jackhammer an Phoenix). The slot is now a small weapon slot (like a Gauss or Suppressor). Other inventory space not affected.

I really like this idea.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Infiltration Suit:
      Possibly give it two pistol holsters. Other inventory space not affected.

It would probably be better to avoid this or you`ll start seeing invisible ambulances a lot more.
Another grenife (grenade-knife) slot, OTOH...

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    No more free Rexo.

*Nod* *Nod*

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    HSR and Scorpion unlocked after one year TOS. Dragon unlocked after 2 years TOS.

Please just get rid of ToS stuff.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    People respawn in Agile now with a decent loadout to reduce spawn camping ease and to help newbies. PJs are just there.

I think you should just be able to pick up a loadout before respawning. Keep in mind base hacks and generator. This requires working out the fine details.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Generator rooms get a slight painfield.

While it makes sense, don`t you think there should be a difference between choosing to drop spawns and choosing to drop the gen (beside the obvious influx of soldiers)?

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Hacking (cert):
      Reduce cost to 2 points.

Absolutely not. Hacking is one of those certs that should become a lot more rare. People started thinking of them as a regular-issue tool that everyone should have.
Hacking terminals - and CC`s at sane speeds - should be a privilege for the dedicated.

KingFeraligatr wrote:
    Expert Hacking:
      Decrease time it takes to boost painfields.

Definitely. I believe it currently takes 1 minute? This is such a slog! It`s not there any contest over this - "Oh, no! He`s boosting the painfield - quickly!".

Atis wrote:1. Replace all offensive CR AOE with non-offensive, like more often repeatable "reveal all enemies" etc.

As things were, many people who did not care or dd not have the leading skills reached high command ranks just for these tools.
This in turn granted them global chat and they made a mess of the upper echelon.

Atis wrote:3. Make medium assault weapon and agile armor more viable, it's crappy balance if 90% players outside of vehicles/maxes are HA REXO. For example, HA weapon can slow down it's user significanly, cuz it's huge bulky gun, intended for CQC. So HA REXO will be slowed down twice, no fast ADADADADing. Making MCG and Lasher better at CQC and worse at range woul be nice too.

The current reason is free Rexo, which is one of the worst things to ever happen in PS IMO.
It`s that Aexo is not viable - it`s just the current paystyle doesn`t allow for vehicle fights which is when you start seeing people in Aexo.
I still believe the Rexo should be specialist equipment for the dedicated grunt. I might link my idea later.

Atis wrote:4. Make Expert Engineering useful inside bases. Allow basic spitfires and mines placement inside of buildings with smaller no-deploy zones and allow FDU turrets in friendly SOI including roofs. Now everything higher than basic CE becomes useless the moment fight moves inside. Couple of mines/spits inside won't break balance.

An interesting idea I`d be happy to see on a test server one day.
I love the sound of it, but am worried about the consequences.

Atis wrote:5. Make sniper/scout rifles hit like peashooters with especially low damage against ACE. PS1 is full of players slowly moving (ACE placing) or immobile (repairing veh or turret, reviving), sniping is too easy and risk-free. Countering snipers take unreasonable amount of time and efforts, while singe sniper can deny area for infantry for quit a while. Plus sniper can destroy many ACE deployables, rendering work of few engies useless with,again, zero risk.

I think this is a very legitimate use for sniping, though?

Please don`t kill me for this monstrosity of a post.

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