Outfit Guildlines and Events Suggestion

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Outfit Guildlines and Events Suggestion

Postby EmpireCrusher203 » Tue Aug 09, 2016 1:46 pm

It's a topic that was brought up yesterday, but I think it should be posted here for good measures.

Now, it's a fact that outfits play a bigger role in PlanetSide, than what they do in Planetside 2. Outfits in PlanetSide 2 just play competitive match every now and then. In PlanetSide, there was the Outfit Wars, but this was a one time event. I was thinking if we had events like this but on a regular basis. Also, I made a list of guildlines for outfits, in order to promote competition.

  • The minimum number for an outfit will be reduced from 10 to 5
  • In order for an outfit to compete in an event, it must have at least 20 players
  • If an outfit does not meet this requirement, it may pair up with another outfit, as long as both outfits have less than 20 players. The number of outfits in a team has no limits. However, if the number of players in a team exceeds 25, only 25 players, as chosen by the outfit leaders, will be allowed to particpate.
  • On the note of teams, in for a competitive team to be formed, all outfits must be of the same faction. If you wish to form a team, please contact a staff. Remember, that players will be in the same, but not in the same outfit. And teams are only valid in outfit events; anywhere else the outfits are separate. However, you are allowed to merge outfits.
  • Outfits may have there own voice chat on Discord and sub-forum on here, just notify a staff member.
  • Outfits of the same faction may compete with each other, however one of the outfits will temporarily have the Black Ops uniform, but they will not have any of the Black Ops benefits, such as 1000 hp or access to all empire-specific weapons.
  • In order to prevent "one outfit factions" GMs may be allowed to split the outfit apart, as long as they have permission of the outfit leader. In extreme cases, a pop max will be placed on outfits, but this wont be an issue anytime soon.

As for the Outfit events, I made my own list of events. Feel free to comment down below if you have an idea for an event. All events are held and managed by an event organizer. A referee will be present at all matches, however will not participate in the match and must not belong to any of the participating outfits. Now on to the fun part:

LaneSide Battles:

A lane is a string of bases all connect by a lattice. In the LaneSide matches, the lanes will extend 5 bases, the 2 on the opposite ends will be known as "safe bases" and cannot be captured by the opposing team. The game will start out will both team in their respective safe base. The 3 bases in the middle are the ones in play. They will start off under the control of the third faction, meanwhile any other base on continent will be nuetral. The game will last 2 hours. The winner of the match will be decided by who has the most secure bases. So, if a base was hacked by the opposing team, it will not be scored. In the cases of ties, a 30 minute extra time will be given. If the tie continues, the game will go on to sudden death. I have made a list of lanes listed below. Safe bases will be bolded. I put "three way" to indicate a triangular lattice between the bases.

  • Tumas - Sungrey - Azeban - Xelas - Mekala
  • Ikanam - Heyoka - Kyoi - Mekala - Xelas

  • Tarqaq - Nerrivik - Akna - Tootega - Pinga
  • Igaluk - Sedna - Nerivik - Tarqaq - Keelut

  • Mukuru - Nzame - Hosni - Faro - Ekera
  • Leza - Tore - Itan - Shango - Orisha
  • Pamba - Kaang - Gunuku - Faro - Hosni

  • Ymir - Gjallar - Ran - Kvasir - Vidar
  • Jarl - Dagur - Mani - Nott - Helheim

  • Eadon - Anu - Caer - Gwydion - Dagda
  • Eadon - Ogma - Bel - Pwyll - Lugh

  • Ghanon - Ixtab - Acan - Naum - Mulac

  • Akkan - Enkidu - Kusag - Irkalla - Hanish
  • Marduk - Enkidu - Akkan - Hanish - Dagon
  • Dagon - Hanish - Girru - Irkalla - Lahar (Three way)

  • Matagi - Oro - Ngaru - Pele - Akua (Three way)
  • Tara - Wakea - Laka - Iva - Sina
  • Sina - Akua - Matagi - Hiro - Karihi

  • Sobek - Mont - Hapi - Bastet - Seth

Oshur Prime:
  • Mithra - Rashnu - Atar - Yazata - Izha
  • Rashnu - Atar - Hvar - Yazata- Zal (Three Way)
  • Jamshid - Mithra - Dahaka - Izha - Hvar

Battle Island Mayhem (BIM)-

As the name implies, this type of match takes place on one of the Battle Islands. Only this time, it's not just one lane, its the whole map. The two or three outfits will fight over control of the island. This match follows the same time rules as the LaneSide Battles. The winner is the team with the most secure bases by the end of the match. So if your team is on Deso, and you control 2 bases, but that noob NC just hacked your Control Console, then you only have one base fully captured. so get that LLU back before the 2 hours are up, or else it will go to extra time. The warpgates will be reconfigured to the teams sanctuary, and the island can only be acessed by them, just like all other matches. The game will start off with all of the bases as neutral. Both teams must start at their respective sanctuary. Also, meanwhile the event is going on, Heavy Assault Weapons, Medium Battle Tanks, Reavers, Deliverer variants, BFRs, Galaxy Gunships, and the Flail will be temporarily allowed for the match. Also, if the staff allows it, the Battle Islands will be used exclusively for events, as Oshur Prime will take their place on the continental lattice.

Ranked Matches-

Aside, from friendly matches, ranked matches are matches that will account for points on a ladder. In other words, these matches are competitive and outfits must gather as much points as possible in order to gain a higher position of the ladder. Much like a season of outfit battles. I think some form of competition will be good to bring excitement to the future server. There will be different ladder for each match type, such as LaneSide or BIM. The point system will be the same for both ladders. The amount of points earned during a match is decided by the percentage of secure bases by the end of the match. So if it is a LaneSide match, and the game ends with TR controlling 3 bases, but VS hacked into one at the last minute, the score will be 2-0, as you only have 2 secure bases, and they have none. If you fully control 100% of all the bases, meaning 3 secure bases, or 1 on Nexus, then you earn 3 points. You earn 2 points for holding two-thirds or all bases, 1 point for one base, and nill for no bases controlled. The ladder will last for a while, most likely a couple of months. The 1st place outfit will be crowned champion of the ladder and gets bragging rights until the next ladder :P. There will be two ladders, like I said before, and both will be organized by an Event Organizer, the man in charge of the ladder. So even if your outfit lost the LaneSide season, you always have the incoming BIM to look forward to. I would like it if the two ladders would go consecutively in order to keep the players busy. These matches will occur, about once every two weeks.


The name says it all. Unlike the Ranked battles, these matches will have an elimination system. Unlike the ranked matches, the tourneys will follow a unique theme, for example an Esamir tournamnt or Mosquito dogfighting tournament. These dont necessarily have to be team based and can pertain to a single player, like the dogfighting tourney I just mentioned. This is just something fun for the players to enjoy. These tournaments dont have to be official and held by an Event Organizer. Just ask a staff if you tournament will require special permissions. Also bragging rights :D
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Re: Outfit Guildlines and Events Suggestion

Postby void » Wed Oct 26, 2016 6:41 am

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