[RELEASE] GCAPy - 0.1.0

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[RELEASE] GCAPy - 0.1.0

Postby Chord » Wed Mar 02, 2016 1:22 am

GCAPy is a Python library and script to parse GCAP files. GCAP stands for Game CAPture and it is a file-format created by the PSForever project to store recorded game records from PlanetSide. The library currently only reads, not writes, GCAP files.

GCAPy supports three actions: metadata display, record extraction, and game record statistics. Metadata display shows information about the GCAP file, record extraction carves out selected records, and game record statistics give information about PlanetSide packets.

Contact me if you are looking for some captures to play with.

Check out the code for yourself: https://github.com/psforever/gcapy
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